Deceived – New Single to Hear from Heartless

Deceived – New Single to Listen Too


Heartless creates a dynamic beat over a strong bass backbone that is the perfect setting for the profanity free lyrics in his newest single, “Deceived”


A song that will have your body moving from the first note, “Deceived” has a classic club style that will instantly hook listeners and will remain at the top of their favorite playlists for years to come.

Lendell Black, ubiquitously known as Heartless, is an American rapper and hip-hop artist. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Heartless is popularly known for his profanity-free and upbeat music, and according to some is another “Bone Crusher” in the making. However, according to Black, ” I have my own style”, which is rightly so as his music is known to strike a chord, thus making it a fulfilling yet exciting experience for his audience.

“…And everyone that listened to any of my music has the same reaction, ‘no profanity in it, but it still has that gritty feel.’ I like that because that let’s me know I’m accomplishing what I wanted in creating music with no profanity.” — Heartless

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